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(The photo above shows the new 2022 model. It is only available here.) We have a 2021 floor demo for sale and and it is being auctioned off. You may click on the link below to bid on it. 


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Complete Diacera-Promax Speed Adjuster:


Warranty: 10 year manufacturer's warranty.  (Please do not attempt to self repair this instrument.  It is a complicated piece of machinery and only an authorized technician should repair it.  The warranty will be voided if our instrument has been opened and tampered with by the owner.)


The Diacera-Promax Speed Adjuster is the most powerful adjusting instrument we carry.  It can produce up to 70 PSI and has 3 levels of thrust.  Thrust level can easily be controlled by a dial at the front of the instrument.  Level one produces 25 PSI, level 2 produces 50 PSI, and level 3 produces 70 PSI.  This instrument comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.  We will repair or replace this instrument free of charge for the length of the warranty.  No other tool can carry this type of warranty.  We guarantee that your investment will pay for itself within a few years due to less repair and replacement issues.


The Diacera-Promax Speed Adjuster is used to manipulate joints and surrounding tissue in order to increase metabolic and neurological activity. This instrument is used by healthcare professionals worldwide because of it's precision in delivering the correct amount of force and velocity to specific areas of the body.  Diacera Promax adjusting instruments have proven themselves to be effective in decreasing pain and recovery time as well as increasing range of motion in both chronic and acute patients.

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